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C360 Health Testimonials

The Bloodwork of a 35 Year Old at 70 Years Old!

C360 Health products help to naturally increase energy and physical activity

How C360 Health All-Natural products relieved severe arthritis, pain and inflammation

“I discovered Carbon60 and the Rejuvenate product on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. At the time, I was beginning to experience serious, regular pain, swelling and inflammation in my fingers and toes from rheumatoid arthritis. I had diligently tried taking a biologic RX, but quit after three weeks because of continued nasty side effects. After about a week of taking Rejuvenate, my symptoms started to subside. Even after about a year of taking this product, if I forget to take it, my knuckles will be swollen and red by the next day. I am truly grateful for this product!”

-Jill D.

“Since taking your product, my father’s arthritic pinky finger can now form a full G-chord on the guitar for the first time in years. My mom is getting better sleep now that her hip doesn’t hurt her as much in bed at night. And slowly but surely, the bald spot on the crown of my head is slowly growing thanks to C360 Hair Growth. Sincere thanks to C360Health!”

-Travis Kubowitz

“I started taking this product 9 months ago. I am 62, and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Not only physically, but I feel sharper mentally also! People meeting me for the first time can’t believe I’m 62. I outwork guys half my age and my mental “notebook” is usable again. All I can say is, ‘IT WORKS!!!’”

-Phil Mahlo

“I started taking this productfor knee arthritis that began after a bout with tendinitis. The effect was shocking and immediate; I had considerable pain reduction within the hour of taking my first dose! My mobility and strength have only continued to improve!”


“Taking yourproduct on a daily basis has boosted my energy levels while relieving a great deal of ongoing joint pain (knees) I was suffering from. I highly recommend this product for you, your pet or any other mammal that may need it.”


“We love your product and feel so great! So thankful for your fast, friendly, helpful service. You guys are awesome and so is your product.”


“I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease after all the cartilage in my feet disappeared. It brought major pain and huge loss in mobility. Then, about a year and a half ago, I began taking your product and within a month I was walking around like I hadn’t In years! I was walking up and down the stairs and even doing a little running. Very little pain. This product is pretty amazing!”

“Since taking C360 Health Rejuvenate, I’ve experienced clearer skin and a more stabilized mood. To my surprise, this is also my favorite remedy for menstrual cramps due to Endometriosis and fibroids. I’ve never felt this much relief in my life! Better than any over the counter or prescribed drug I’ve tried.”

-Alana S.

“I take Revive on a daily basis. Since I started this product, I feel reduced inflammation, increased energy and an overall better sense of well-being! I am now adding C360 Health supplements for my wife and dog as well. I am a true believer!”

-Steven C.

“I’ve been taking Carbon60 Plus for about a year. During that period, I went off it for about six weeks. I have noticed when I am taking it, I have improved stamina during exercise. I’ve tried other products and they either had a burnt taste or weren’t nearly as dark as Carbon60 Plus. In my opinion, they have the best Carbon60 on the market.”

-Dave N.

“I started taking Carbon60 Plus because of pain in my knee that made it painful to walk down stairs, along with a pain in my shoulder that kept me from comfortably lifting my arm even half-way up. It wasn’t going away. Within 3 days of taking it, I noticed a huge difference in my ability to walk better. By Day 5 or 6, the pain in my knee went away and never came back and I could raise my arm above my head as easily as if there had never been a problem. I couldn’t be more grateful for discovering Carbon60 Plus and am equally grateful for y’all making it affordable. Cheers!”

-Daon H.

“I started taking Revive about two months ago and let me tell you I had issues with my knees going upstairs and noticed the pain was gone. I also do Crossfit and I feel better and lift heavier with no aches and pains, and Revive works and I recover fast.”

-Tony G.

“We have been using Carbon60 Plus for a year! My husband no longer experiences arthritis and we have more energy than before taking it. I am 66 and he is 70. We have shared this information with any family members and friends.”

-D. Brenner

“I’ve been taking C360 Health Rejuvenate for about 4 months. I’m 46 and have been on a diet and supplement regiment for Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue. I was doing fairly better on the regimen, but it wasn’t where I wanted to be. Since taking Rejuvenate, I have started to feel like I did in my 20s. I finally feel completely normal. I have mental clarity, and no more fatigue. I feel that my body is finally absorbing vitamins like it should. My gut has healed. I’m recommending this to everyone that I know.”

-Alina M.

“C360 Health is the best site I’ve found for Carbon60. Great prices and fast delivery. I’ve been using Carbon60 Plus for six months and it has amazing effects. I don’t have back pain as I used to and have much better overall health. A +++”

-Debra H.

“I’ve been taking this Carbon60 Plus for about a month. Initially, I noticed clearer thinking and more energy. I do notice that my neck issues seem greatly reduced and I can now spend more time at the computer without getting cervical headaches that used to bother me. All in all I would recommend this product and will continue to order it.”

-Martha from Connecticut

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